Your House

Who chose your house? You, your husband/wife/partner or did the house choose you? Was it easy, was it difficult?

Do you own it and struggle with the mortgage? Rent it and struggle to pay it and wander why you are still renting IF you want to own your own home?

  • Is it old with loads of energy and history?
  • Is it a new build and feels like it has no soul?
  • Maybe it’s a new build that has been built on ground that didn’t want to be built on and you have had nothing but problems with it?
  • Does your house make you feel at home?
  • Does it not feel like your home?
  • Did the sale go through easily?
  • Did buying it involve loads of problems?
  • Does it make you feel ill?
  • Perhaps you dread going home?
  • Perhaps you hate leaving your home?
  • Full of clutter


Your relationship with your home can affect your whole life, if your home isn’t working for you, if you feel drained there, if you go for treatments or therapies and feel great but within a few days or hours (or even just the thought) of going home wipes out all that good work then you really could do with some help!

If the atmosphere is unsettling, if you think you have paranormal activity please contact me to see how I can help you understand why either you have attracted that energy or it was attracted to you. The I can help you move it on.

Your home will resonate with you on one level or another, we don’t end up anywhere by accident!


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