I am a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui traditional Reiki system. As well as the traditional hand positions I use intuition, Dowsing and spiritual guidance.

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese healing system, Rei – the highest and purest form of Universal Energy –Ki (also known as Chi in China and Prana in India). Reiki works on every level, physical, emotional and spiritual and promotes the body’s own healing process.

I use Reiki on people and houses, the healing energy is very calming and helps to clear away stagnant or unhelpful energies. Combine this with Clutter Clearing and Feng Shui and you have the potential to make your home and you work together in harmony bringing calm and clarity to you and your family.

You may have had Reiki before and felt great, only to return home to find the affects quickly wearing off, this is why I recommend using Reiki treatments alongside helping your home with clutter clearing, dowsing and Feng Shui.

Each Reiki session is different I never know what to expect, some people can feel extra heat, energy moving around them, see different colours, it will vary from person to person and session to session, but I am always amazed by the calming effect of Reiki. Reiki can bring up past events which can sometimes be upsetting until we have dealt with them – which we will do.  I can receive messages from spirit occasionally although please note I am not a medium, I don’t guarantee any messages.

The house you’re living in should support you and feel safe, if it doesn’t Reiki can help to clear any negative energy and with a space clearing session help your home feel calm and safe again.

Reiki does not belong to any religion or belief system, so anyone can receive Reiki and it is suitable for the whole family.

If you would like to Learn Reiki for yourself please Contact me to discuss and arrange some dates.

To arrange Reiki and other Resources  for you and your home please  Contact me.