The definition of paranormal – beyond normal explanation.

Do you feel an energy or presence in your home that you just cannot explain?

Perhaps you are convinced your home is haunted by a spirit because of things that have happened?

Maybe you’ve had a run of bad luck?

Do you feel something is affecting your home and your life and you have no control over it?

Maybe you’ve had a ‘ghostbuster’ in or even the local priest to perform an exorcism but you aren’t convinced the spirit has left – they probably haven’t.

You’ve smudged the house with sage, believe me that won’t clear much on it’s own. When everything else has been done we can do a Space Clearing this will help far more.

You can’t just go in ‘getting rid’ of ghosts and spirits, demanding they leave. Why should they listen to you?! They won’t leave just because they have been told, they may have unfinished business, they might be attached to you or your home. Whatever the reason there is something for you to learn from this experience

Not all spirit is there to do harm, some are there because they are lost, don’t realise they have passed over, they might even just like you! However, they do usually need to move on and be helped to do so and to do that you need to understand their story, why they are stuck where they are. This does not affect a loved ones ability to be with you, they are then free to come and go as they please.

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