Feng Shui

The purpose of Feng Shui is to make your home feel in alignment, for it to feel comfortable, to release stagnant or blocked energy and for good and useful energy to freely flow around your home. Making your home feel more welcoming for all. Working with Feng Shui can bring you into balance and then help to improve your relationships, finances and health.

This can be done on site or with drawings and photo’s you can send to me and in conjunction with all the other remedies available from me you could see instant results.

There are many forms of Feng Shui, which include using compass points, the front door as your start point and the land surrounding. Whichever school of Feng Shui you look at you will always find some conflict in their ideas! So how does it work then? By using your intuition, your intention and using the basic principles of all Feng Shui you can bring your home into alignment and help it work with you.

We will work together on this, it has to feel right. There is no point me telling you your bed has to be in the far North West of your bedroom facing a wall with round tables either side,  red bedding and a lucky phoenix on the window sill if you don’t like any of that!

And this is why we work together, if you don’t like something or how it feels, how can it be good Feng Shui? It can’t! Also you will not be placing lucky coins and red ribbons all over the place, your house will still look and feel like your home only better!

Clutter Clearing is one of the most important parts of Feng Shui, energy can get stuck in objects, energy cannot flow freely around things left in the hall all cluttering the table. And ‘stuff’ under your bed will really not help you sleep!