I’m a House Whispering Consultant, Reiki Master teacher, dowser, clutter clearing coach and photographer. 

I can’t remember when I started feeling energy and seeing spirit but I suppose it has always been there and at various times in my life I have been more aware of it. I started training in Reiki in 2012 which opened up a whole new level of understanding and feeling, from there I studied dowsing, Feng Shui and learning to trust my intuition and finally putting all the pieces together with House Whispering.

With this new understanding I knew I was missing something, a connection with source and all that is. Reiki alone couldn’t do this, neither the traditional Feng Shui system, or any one system on it’s own. When I found Christian, I knew I had found the person that got it! Combining many systems and looking at our living and work environment is key, our personal circumstances, working holistically and not just concentrating on one system and actually listening to ourselves, the spirits, paranormal activity and earth energy around us.

Houses have always fascinated me, with their grand doors, their shabby doors, their hidden doors, their shiny freshly painted doors. The feeling in some houses you just feel at home and others you can’t wait to get out of! Why do some people enjoy living in chaos and others have to have perfect order? A home can tell you so many stories from the past to the present people living in them and the land they are built on with all the energies interwoven. We never end up anywhere by accident, there is something to be learned from every experience, from birth to death and life in between, before and after. We don’t end up living in our homes by accident.

I’m a great believer in inspiring people to live the best life they can, to do what makes them happy and just see how life unfolds so much easier once you are doing that. Life should be an experience to enjoy, I aim to make everyone follow the path they want to have, not on they feel pushed down.

Photography is something I really enjoy and brings life to a home. Most of my photo’s are taken while out walking my dog who makes sure I get out in nature everyday, even when it’s blowing a gale with sideways rain! I’m glad she does, it does me good!  My photos are mostly of nature which is a great healer and bringing nature in to your home is perfect to bring in balance and harmony. All the seasons bring something to an end and the start of something new in an ever changing world embrace all that is.

I like to inspire people to be the best they can, to do what they love, to live a full life and be happy.

Life is short, grab it, live it, do what brings you joy


New Beginnings