Ghost Tree



I must pass this tree most days, it’s on a walk I do with my beautiful dog Tilly. Today was the first time in four years I’ve actually noticed it…..

Now it must always be there, but today started very foggy and on our walk the sun started to burn it’s way through and caught the tree just perfectly, highlighting it’s branches, free of leaves, while all the trees around are still covered in green leaf.

This tree is physically dead, only easily seen in certain light, still it stands looking beautiful, owning the field it stands in, its roots still anchoring it firmly in the ground. An amazing ethereal white.

Today I said ‘Thank You’ to this tree, she reminded me that even if our physical body has died our spirit can still shine through, perhaps only noticed at certain times, seen and appreciated by few – at a time when we need reminding even in death our beauty can still be seen and felt.



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