The Hooded Man

To follow up from previous blog Footsteps on the stairs this is the spirit that really wanted me out of that house almost as much as I wanted to get out!

In the week following my Husbands death this spirit first appeared physically to me. To say it scared me is an understatement, it wasn’t the first time I’d seen spirit, but the first one I had that was directly aiming so much hate and spite straight at me.

To quickly recap, I was living in a house I hated and that never felt like home, I had for around six months been hearing heavy footsteps on the stairs before my Husband died but always while he was away.

You know when you know someone is watching you – we’ve all felt it.

One morning at 5am in December, it was still dark apart from a hall light I had taken to leaving on. I lay in bed with my eyes shut knowing someone was watching me, The feeling I was being watched was hugely intense, like nothing before. I slowly opened my eyes, not wanting to see who was there.

And there just inches from my face was the hooded man, he looked like a monk, the robes they wear, hood covering most of his face. What I could see of him showed pure hate, there was no doubt about that. I closed my eyes, willing myself to wake up from what was hopefully just a bad dream. Opening my eyes again he was still there, still filled with hate.

‘I’m going, I’m leaving as soon as I can’ I shouted at him, still he stood over me,

‘Leave me alone’ I shouted with more conviction and he disappeared.

I hoped that would be it and he would indeed leave me alone, but no, three mornings in a row, 5am on the dot he would stand over me, breathing hate directly in my face. Each time I told him I was leaving as soon as I could, leave me alone. I will admit I was definitely scared! No one wants to be woken at 5am by a spirit, especially such a nasty and bitter one!

If only I had known then what I know now I would have gone about things in a different way, back then and in a state of shock from my husbands death I was desperate for help, I had two mediums come and do some work to get rid of him, because that was all I wanted, to get rid of him. They both told me they had sent him away, they were sure they had.

Although I didn’t see him physically again I could still feel him around, he was not going to be happy until I was gone. So the mediums may have lessened his energy, they had done what they knew to do and I’m sure in all good faith, but it wasn’t enough. They had sent him back to the light – he did not come from the light – how could he go back?

Knowing what I know now and not in a state of shock,  I would have spoken to him, not shown him my fear. I would have taken time to understand exactly why he was doing this to me. I would do a good space clearing, to make sure the energy was cleared, dowse for any energy lines, help any other stuck spirits (there were a lot, none bad like this one though) I have no doubt he was the energy that had attracted my husband to this god awful house!  He was the reason that no relationship in that house lasted, that they all had money problems, This hooded man did not want happy couples living there and made it his business to make sure no one stayed for long.

I left the house ten months later, unfortunately couldn’t get out quicker, the house was draining me physically and mentally. He is still there, I drive past often and can still feel his presence there.

So why haven’t I gone back to the house and saved the next people from the same kind of problems? Because now it is their journey, they were attracted to the house, to the energy and unless I am asked to go and help I can’t. They will have to learn the lesson that is for them, I hope it’s not as tough as mine was.







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