Footsteps on the stairs


I’ve always had an interest in houses and why we live where we live and how we live. The last house I lived in with my Husband made me really stop and think!

I never liked the house, when we went to view it before renting, I hated the entrance, right next to a very fast and busy road. The house was tired and worn out, the lady living there with two young children was obviously overwhelmed by the place and it was a mess, with mold on the walls, it was cold even though it was the summer.  It also meant driving my daughter everywhere, there was no public transport, but, my Husband loved it, it had everything he wanted, space for his cars, a workshop and it was cheap… we moved in.

And from then on things started to go very wrong! Debts piled up, the house was always dirty and dusty from the road and farm traffic. We didn’t get on so well then my dog got out of the garden despite my efforts to fix the fence constantly and got killed on the road. I was heartbroken and hated the house just that little bit more.

My husband would regularly go away for weekends with his car and friends, I was always grateful of the space…until one night when he was away.

Around 2am I heard footsteps on the stairs, I never heard that usually, I went and checked if it was him – no one there – and dismissed it as my one and only neighbour coming home. Walked back to our bedroom to hear the footsteps behind me – again no one there. I went to bed, decided I would check my neighbour in the morning. Next morning no neighbour in, she had been out all night. I forgot about this incident until a month or so later when exactly the same thing happened again.

Footsteps, big heavy footsteps on the stairs, I went to look again, this time checking every room and in the garden, no one about. But I had not imagined this noise and as I went back upstairs the footsteps followed me again and as I stopped they stopped one step after me. I knew it was a male spirit and he was not nice.

A few months after these incidents, in December 2014 my Husband was killed after being hit by a car on a night out. From then there were a lot more spirits making themselves known. My protector and the one who chose the house was gone, I had to work out how to cope with the house and it’s haunting’s and get out of there as fast as I could! More of the big haunting to follow…


2 thoughts on “Footsteps on the stairs”

  1. Love your writing, t sure if it’s fact or the start to a great work of fiction. But I’m intrigued to know what happened next! Hope you have got any way from that house and recovered from these traumatic events.

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    1. Thank you Theresa, sorry for late reply. You know what they say, fact is stranger than fiction, this is definitely fact, will write up what happened next!


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