Houses have always fascinated me, with their grand doors, their shabby doors, their hidden doors. The feeling in some houses you just feel at home and others you can’t wait to get out of! Why do some people enjoy living in chaos and others have to have perfect order? A home can tell you so many stories from the past to the present people living in them and the land they are built on with all the energies interwoven. We never end up anywhere by accident, there is something to be learned from every experience, from birth to death and life in between, before and after. We don’t end up living in our homes by accident.

How do you feel about your home? Your home should be a place that nourishes you, makes you feel great, helps you relax, sleep, entertain and be your safe haven.

Who chose the home you live in? You, your partner, perhaps you inherited it or you feel you had no choice in where you live?

We explore how you came to be in your home and how it helps or hinders you in life. By working with earth energy, combining Feng Shui, dowsing, geometry, reiki and really understanding the heart of any issues you are experiencing and helping you to understand, appreciate, learn and move forward from them.

Paranormal activity – is far more common than people admit, so many people tell me their paranormal stories that they would not tell anyone else for fear of being ridiculed. If you are being troubled by something you cannot explain or perhaps you know what is going on but have yet to move the spirit/entity then I can help.

You will only see my photos on my site, walking my dog and taking photo’s genuinely bought me back to living a life again, I’m a true believer that we need to be in nature everyday in anyway possible. I use my photo’s in Feng Shui to help enhance your home, life and business. My photo’s are all available to purchase just contact me to discuss which picture is resonating with you.

If you are having relationship or health issues, work and business or money trouble, by looking at your home environment we can help you understand how you came to this point and therefore get back on track.

I’m a great believer in inspiring people to live the best life they can, to do what makes them happy and just see how life unfolds so much easier once you are doing that. Life should be an experience to enjoy, I aim to make everyone follow the path they want to have, not on they feel pushed down.

If you aren’t living the life you want let me help you get there, connecting you to the heart of your home, enabling you to live a full and happy life.

On site or online all this is possible, all I need is your address, plans of your home, the issue/issues you would like some help with right now and we can get started! 


Follow your own path


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